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How to Setup SignOffPro Online Scheduling

Easily add the convenience of online scheduling to your email signature! 

Automatically sync with your calendar and send/receive appointment reminders.

Step 1: Adding Online Scheduling to your Email Signature

Ensure you are logged on to SignOffPro and click on My SignOffPro in the navigation. You should have a signature saved in one of the SignOffPro templates. A sample is to the right.

In the left column on your screen, make sure (1) Online Scheduling is checked as shown and save your signature. Next, click the "Set Your Availability" button (2). If you are asked to resave your signature, click "No."


Step 2: Setting the Scheduler


You will be brought to the SignOffPro Scheduler. Once your calendar is selected and syncs, your clients will come to a page similar to this to request meetings.

In this screen, you can view and delete appointments. Quickly view blocked time.

Click on the "Settings" button on the top right-hand side as shown.  



Step 3: Setting your Calendaring Platform

To set your calendaring platform, select your time zone (1).  Next, from the drop down box (2), choose from Google or Microsoft Outlook|Live|Hotmail or if you have any other calendaring system. 

Next, set which email you wish to be notified of appointments (3) and then set your availability or work day hours (4). Then click the "Save" button (circled).

That's it! You're Set!

SignOffPro Online Scheduling will now sync with your calendar. Click the "My Email Signature" button to return to My SignOffPro and your email signature. 

You can now export your SignOffPro branded email signature with Online Scheduling.

Note: Use "Blocked Time" to set personal or business time aside. For example, Monday meetings or picking the kids up from school. With "Blocked Time," you'll never have a scheduling conflict. 



Never Miss an Appointment with Automatic Sync & Appointment Reminders 

When a client sends an online meeting request, you will receive a notification. Click the link and you will open the SignOffPro Scheduler. This is where you can view pending appointments (1), accept or reject the appointment (2), send a note to a client or suggest a new time (3).  Click to accept or reject the appointment and your email calendar will sync.

You and your clients will receive notifications of changes to the appointment and reminders. SignOffPro makes it so easy!

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