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Easily Extend Your Brand

The difference between a good company and a great company is branding.

SignOffPro extends your brand and promotes your business with every email you send.  

Your Email Signature is an Online Business Card


You've crafted an eloquent email and then you quickly type your name and press "Send." Your email signature at the end of your email is another business card. Does it truly reflect upon your brand? Don't take this lightly as a poorly crafted email signature can do damage to your brand. 

Take the same amount of time you took in creating your logo into creating your email signature. SignOffPro offers more than 15 email signature templates to choose from, with the ability to add your company logo or your image. Choose a template that reflects your brand and within minutes, you'll have a perfectly crafted email signature that reflects your brand in every communication you send. 


"SignOffPro makes it easy to create a branded email signature that really reflects my business and what I stand for. The templates are great and are eye-catching so not only do I share my contact information, it's presented stylistically, consistently representing my brand.."

Building a Brand: Consistency Company-Wide

Consistency helps you manage perceptions, convey your outlook and attitude, and eliminates issues surrounding brand confusion. According to branding experts, consistency builds brand confidence and connotes professionalism, purpose and stability. SignOffPro helps you build your brand throughout your organization by leveraging a consistent, professionally branded email signature no matter what communication channel you use. Imagine one look and feel throughout your company on every communication.

Make the money spent designing a logo and building a message earn brand equity. Instill professionalism and build your reputation by leveraging a SignOffPro branded email signature with every communication you send.

Leverage Social Media to Extend Your Brand

According to a recent survey of 3,300 marketers, social media marketing is increasing online traffic and improving search rankings. By spending as little as a few hours each week on social media, 52% of marketers saw lead generation benefits.

Include your links to your social media accounts—Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter—in your branded email signature. Clients and prospects can view and share your social media links with a click. Include additional links to an online Buyers Guides, a new listing or product/service offering or any other link you choose right within your email signature.  


"I love how easy it is to update my email signature. When I have a new service, I can promote it easily by adding the link in my email signature. It looks perfect and is great advertising."

Manage Your Brand on Every Device, Everywhere

SignOffPro offers centralized management of your brand. You can update your logo, contact information or social within minutes and your changes are consistent on every email you send. Plus, SignOffPro is responsive, that is, it works on any device, anywhere. You can be assured that your branded email signature looks as good on an Android phone as it does on an iPhone or iPad or PC or tablet. No matter what device, your SignOffPro email signature looks great and reflects your consistent, professional brand. 

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