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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

You can enjoy a 30-day FREE trial of SignOffPro. Setup your business signature and as many other custom signatures as you like. Access the online scheduling and other features of SignOffPro. Plus, you'll have access to our awesome support team during your trial period. 
At the end of your free trial, you will be notified and you can choose a monthly plan at $6.99 or an annual plan at $59.88—a savings of $24 a year.
You can easily remit payment through our secure online payment process. You can choose to pay with any major credit card.
Yes. We offer both monthly and annual plans. With the annual plan, you save $24 a year!
Cancel anytime. We want to make sure you're happy. Simply write us through the Contact Us page and make sure to provide your name and email address. Remember, your signature logo/image will continue to work for some time after your cancellation, but your personalized scheduling link is automatically deactivated.
With a monthly plan, you can cancel your account at any time and you will not be charged for the next month. If you purchase an annual plan, you have 30-days to request a full refund, after which your refund will be pro rated on the unused portion of your plan. Click to review our refund policy.

Technical Support

You can do a test run to preview how your signature will look before signing up with SignOffPro. Click on the “Get SignOffPro” from the menu and start entering your contact information. Until you save it, no information is stored on our system. You can upload a profile image or logo, select your color, and choose a template design. When you’re ready, click “Save” and you’ll be prompted to sign up for your FREE 30-day trial. You can view a quick video on getting started here. 

You can see all the available designs on the “Select Template” link on the design page and can switch between them easily to find one you like. You can also click to view our Gallery of designs.

When you are satisfied with your design, choose the Export function and follow the instructions for how to add your signature to all the popular email clients. If you do not see your particular email system listed, follow the instructions for “Other” and do a test email to see how it looks.
Yes! You can have multiple signatures to use with your various email accounts. This is especially great for Realtors who work for more than one agency or have different roles for different jobs or are consultants. Help create a seamless look and feel for each of your professional personas and easily manage them in one location.

In the upper left corner your email signatures are stored under whichever title you give them.
Some email platforms allow for multiple signatures to be saved so you can choose which signature you wish to use. If your email platform offers multiple signatures, you can save as many as you wish.

We will be sad to see you go, but if you choose not to continue with SignOffPro, you will not have access to your account to edit your signatures. More importantly the images are stored on our server, and may work for awhile, but will eventually no longer work after your mail client's caching refreshes. Your email signature will still contain the text information, but the images may be missing. Your personalized scheduling link will be automatically deactivated so be sure to renew your SignOffPro subscription or remove your signature from your email the same way you added it.

It’s activated by default when you create your signature. To ensure it’s working, verify that the checkbox is selected: 

Click for further instructions on how to manage your Scheduler. Or view a quick video on the SignOffPro online scheduler.

It’s easy to set off-limits for your business hours so that you aren’t forced to deal with random meeting requests at 4am (unless you work the night-shift)! You can find the workday availability through the Signature page or through the My Scheduler page from the main menu and then click on “Settings.” The default time for availability is 8am to 5pm and you can adjust those as needed. 

Currently SignOffPro syncs directly with Google calendar through their permissions based API, Outlook/Live/MSN/Hotmail, as well as with other calendaring systems using ICS files, which are standard calendar type files that work with Outlook, Mac Mail, AOL, Yahoo and many other calendaring systems. Select your calendar options in the My Scheduler > Settings page. Get a complete list of compatible calendaring systems and the available sync.

Click to learn more about setting up your SignOffPro online scheduler

Syncing is done automatically with Gmail, Hotmail/ accounts and MacMail.

For Exchange and Office Desktop 2016, it is a one-way sync with SignOffPro syncing with your Office Desktop software. However, a two-way sync is available for Office Desktop versions 2010 thru 2013, and to make it even more confusing, you can add a Hotmail or Gmail account to your 2016 Office Desktop and it will perform a two-way sync.

For AOL and Yahoo, you can import your appointments with just a few clicks, but neither of these platforms allow two-way sync. Click to learn more about setting up your SignOffPro online scheduler. Or view a quick video on the SignOffPro online scheduler.
Every meeting request is sent to you to accept or decline. You will see your meetings listed on your My Scheduler page. Once the meeting is set in your calendar, your normal calendaring functions (Google Calendar, Outlook/Live, etc.) take over from there.
Anyone clicking on the “Schedule an Appointment Now” link is taken to your appointment setting interface that only displays available times during your pre-set business hours. They do NOT see any personal information about your calendar. SignOffPro does not collect this information either. We simply gather the data from the API on what time slots are available or unavailable.

Yahoo does not automatically import your meetings into your calendar. However, you can import the appointment .ICS file into your Yahoo calendar. It takes just a minute. To do so, follow the instructions below. 

Open your Yahoo email and in your Yahoo Calendar, go to Actions in the top right hand corner of your dashboard. In the drop down, click on Import. 

Choose the .ICS file to upload and the calendar to import. Then click save.

Note: Depending on your Yahoo! account, you may not have access to Import in the drop down. If this is the case, please save the .ICS file as instructed above. In Yahoo Mail, click the Calendar icon.  (You may need to click My Calendars on the left to show your calendar list.) Mouse over the calendar where you want to import the event(s). Click the More icon that appears and select Import. Click Browse, select the .ICS file on your computer and click Open. Finally, click Import. That's it.

Something not listed in these FAQs not working correctly? Please Contact Us for support. 

General Questions

SignOffPro works with Gmail,,, Office 365, Mac Mail, iOs (iPhone), AoL, YAHOO!, and just about any other email program you can think of.
SignOffPro works with Google Chrome, Microsoft iE and the latest, Edge, FireFox and others. SignOffPro also works on any mobile device—iPhone & iPad, Android and Windows.
Yes. And every time you send an email, you will be promoting your business with your professionally branded email signature. All of your email recipients can view your signature no matter which platform, browser or mobile device they use. Plus, your email recipients can schedule an appointment with you from any mobile device or laptop just by clicking the link in your email signature.
Online scheduling is included in your subscription. Online scheduling software programs can cost more than the monthly subscription of SignOffPro which includes a branded eil signature and online scheduling. We designed the online appointment booking feature to help realtors, mortgage brokers and insurance professionals provide client convenience while capturing more business.
SignOffPro offers the ability for you to include a link to online appointment setting in your email signature. Let's say you have a hot listing to show a client. Instead of going back and forth figuring out a time to meet to tour the property, your client can click the "Book an appointment now!" link from inside your email signature, decide on a time and date that you show available and send you a request to meet. You can either accept the request or propose a different time. Once accepted, the appointment syncs with your calendar and your client's calendar. You will automatically receive reminders and notifications so you never miss another client meeting! " Click to learn more about  setting up your SignOffPro online scheduler
All new features and upgrades are included in your subscription. We are committed to making SignOffPro the best email signature platform for realtors, mortgage brokers and insurance professionals. New features like our upcoming TextDirect, which will offer texting capabilities right from your SignOffPro email signature and the addition of Google Analytics so you can see the online effectiveness of your emails.
SignOffPro is committed to protecting your privacy. We will never sell or share your private information for any reason.
SignOffPro is safe to use. We value you and your privacy so this is why there will never be spyware, malware, adware or any other malicious "ware" ever with SignOffPro.
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