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Meet Our Team

Three Cool Chicks with technology backgrounds recognized that independent agents like realtors, mortgage brokers and insurance agents were lacking cool tools to promote their business and capture new clients. These chicks put their brains and beaks together to build SignOffPro. 

Promote your business, make more sales and give back—all at the same time. SignOffPro donates a percentage of each subscription to help rescue unwanted pets.

Cherie Wentz Blehm

Chief Chick Organizer & Founder

Cherie has been in marketing since the Jurassic Age and her resume reads like a menu with marketing stints in technology, finance, biotech, wireless and automation. She has content, product and corporate marketing experience in start-ups, mid-market and enterprise organizations, which means she is often conflicted as to whether to do it or delegate it. As chief executive officer, Cherie brought the chicks together to create SignOffPro and often leads the chicks in a round of Kumbaya at the campfire while perfecting her S'mores recipe, surrounded by her three rescue dogs Buster, Casey and Spencer.

Roxanne Brown

Chief Sales Chick  

Roxanne is a natural rock star so maybe that's why Rox is part of her name. She holds degrees in both Business and Education so she is one well-rounded chick. Authentic communication is the name of the game and Roxanne is a solid player. Roxanne believes in servant leadership and is a team builder. Roxanne serves as a marketing advisor for DECA and attends meeting focused on building partnerships between local business and the WESD school district. In her spare time, you can find Roxanne walking the trails in her native Arizona with her rescue pup, Sir Lancelot or taking him to his weekly meetings at King Arthur's roundtable.

Kristen Kuhns

Chief Technology Chick & Co-Founder

Kristen has a rich background in technology, topped with a heavy amount of social media. She has founded several start-ups and non-profits, and has led the development efforts of SignOffPro. Kristen is our chief technology officer, based in Northern California and between directing the Development Team, she helps save shelter animals with her non-profit, PetGuest. When she isn't saving a dog or building software, she enjoys dressing her pack of dogs in holiday outfits and taking selfies in front of a fireplace.

Royal Reinsch

Sales & Business Development Guru

Royal (or Roy) has acquired extensive experience in sales and business development in technology, retail and real estate sectors. As vice president of Sales and Business Development, Roy is multi-talented and multi-disciplined, having started several successful high tech companies, managing the marketing and operations of a thriving retail establishment and providing oversight of rental properties in the Northwest. When not working, Royal likes to trim his mustache, flex his muscles in the mirror and workout with his trusty sidekick rescue dog, Chief.

John Bowen

Prince of People Management

John's' unique talents lie in being a resource for all things 'People' and identifying awesome talent as the story of SignOffPro unfolds. His background includes work in a variety of industries: hospitality, finance, health care and shipping—giving John the wisdom to recruit totally amazing people. When John isn't creating relationships, you can find him channeling Julia Child, narrating as he mixes strange spices and ingredients into entrees he calls food. John resides in Northern California and recently lost his beloved Cocker Spaniel, Red. In time, we know John will be adding another furry pal  to his family as they just make life better.  (And someone has to eat the leftovers!)

Scott Dutton

Duke of All Things Digital

Scott is a wizard at online advertising, SEO, SEM and every other abbreviation in the digital marketing arena. Scott is our vice president of Online Marketing and is so good, he makes it look easy. Scott loves a challenge, which means, if your company is on page 25 of a Google search, he'll do everything to get you to rank on page 1. Scott makes magic with the online presence of SignOffPro. When he isn't working, he likes to dress as his favorite super hero and jog through fast food restaurant drive thru's.


Trusted Advisors

Ken Moyle

Managing Director at K6 Partners

Ken Moyle leads K6 Partners, a digital transformation consulting company. He is a licensed attorney and expert in all facets of digital transformation. Moyle's background includes chief counsel and vice president of legal & corporate affairs at DocuSign, and board member and chair of the public policy committee for the Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA). Moyle is a leading authority of the legal and practical implementation of digital transformation. He is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Law and is admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court. 

Doug Wheeler

CMO of SureID 

Doug has whet his marketing chops by co-founding two start-ups, serving as EVP of global marketing at Compaq, Tandem and Citrix, and CMO of DocuSign, TappIn and Optify. He has lead marketing teams to increase brand awareness and drive revenue through innovative go-to-market and demand generation strategies. During his tenure at DocuSign, the company experienced astronomical growth which has propelled DocuSign as the unquestioned leader of electronic signatures. Currently, Doug serves as Chief Marketing Officer at SureID.  

Anna Pennington Boucher

Luxury Real Estate Professional 

Anna has a long history of working with buyers from all over the world. She is a member of the renowned Sotheby's International Realty®, specializing in luxury homes and properties throughout the Bay Area. Anna keeps abreast of the latest technology and trends to enhance the client experience and help her clients navigate through the complex and often stressful process of buying a home. Her clients range from business professionals to CEOs and celebrities. And, you may have noticed that Anna is the face of SignOffPro on our homepage and our email signature builder. You're always greeted with a smile!  



Meet Our K9 Kids


Yorkshire Terrorist



King of the Jungle  



Macho Maltese


Casey Jane

Hubba Hubba Havanese


Sir Lancelot

Nobel Love Bug  


Jack (AKA Buster)

Lotsa Lhasa Apso


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